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Board of Directors

Brazos Star Credit Union has an all-volunteer Board of Directors made up of 7 credit union members elected by a democratic vote by the general membership at the credit union’s Annual Meeting

The annual meeting is held in April of each year. The board members, once elected, serve a term of 3 years. Brazos Star Credit Union’s Board of Directors serves as unpaid volunteers, contributing their time and talent to further the goals of the credit union.

They joined the Credit Union Board in order to support the credit union philosophy of “people helping people.” The directors lend their financial and managerial expertise to help guide the direction of the credit union and fulfill its mission of service to members. The election of board members rotates annually, and each year either two or three board member seats are up for election.

Board members are responsible for setting policies, approving budgets, and helping to direct strategic planning. They evaluate operations and maintain financial performance standards for the credit union. They are also responsible for appointing the credit union’s President/CEO, who reports directly to the Board. Board positions are voluntary and unpaid; the board of directors implement and review the credit union’s policies and provides management oversight.

Fred BingamanTerm expires 2023
Jubal HancockTerm expires 2023
Patricia A. BuckTerm expires 2022
Ron WeimanTerm expires 2022
Ted E. Peabody, Jr.Term expires 2022
Linda JeffressTerm expires 2024
Johnny StimsonTerm expires 2024

You can make a difference….

If you would like to be considered for a credit Union volunteer position, please let us know, we would love to hear from you. While it is infrequent, there are occasions where an opening on the Board of Directors occurs and when the credit union is in need of volunteers for special projects. Also, there are a variety of volunteer committees that contribute to the success and leadership of Brazos Star Credit Union (including a volunteer supervisory committee, and periodic community
focus groups).

The Nomination Process….

Brazos Star Credit Union Call for Candidates

The Brazos Star Credit Union Board of Directors is pleased to announce the following slate of nominees for election to the board of directors. Each year at Brazos Star Credit Union, the nominating committee recommends a slate of members to fill open Board positions for the upcoming year. This year there are three (3) positions for three-year terms.

Meet the Nominees:

  • Position 3, Tara Jackson – Nominee
  • Position 4, Ted Peabody, Jr – Incumbent
  • Position 5, Ron D. Weiman – Incumbent

Election Procedures

In accordance with our Bylaws additional nominations for the Board of Directors may be made by petition. The Nominating Committee issued a call for candidates in September 2021. Potential candidates are encouraged to put their names forward for consideration by the nominating committee. The Nominating Committee will recommend at least one member for each vacancy. Consideration will be given first to those incumbents wishing to serve another term. The closing date to submit a nomination application is January 3, 2022.

How to Nominate by Petition

Brazos Star Credit Union members are able to petition for nomination to the credit union’s Board of Directors after the application deadline. A petition must be submitted in accordance with the following: A petitioning nominee must prepare and submit the Application for Brazos Star Credit Union Board of Directors and the Petition Forms. The forms can be obtained from Mary Beth Borroni, CEO of Brazos Star Credit Union by calling (979) 846-7456 .

The completed Application and Petition Forms must be received at the credit union office located at 701 Harvey Road, College Station, TX 77840 and filed with the Secretary of the Board of Directors by March 1, 2022.
At least 1% (25) and a maximum of 500 members of eligible voting members in good standing must sign the Petition.
Each petition signer must be a qualified member of Brazos Star Credit Union as defined by the credit union Bylaws (which means that the individual has met all the requirements of membership) and must be at least 16 years of age and be an accountholder in good standing and never caused a loss.

The Nominating Committee will review the petition nominee(s) application(s) and verify the nominee’s eligibility. If qualifying nominations are received by petition, the names of the nominee(s) will be added to the ballot. No nominee(s) will be added to the ballot unless they are nominated by the Nominating Committee or by approved Petition as stated above. Nominations from the floor will not be permitted.

Failure to follow these procedures will prevent the petition nominee(s) from being placed on the official ballot.

Ballot Voting Method

If only one (1) person is nominated by the committee for each vacancy and no qualified petitions were filed, the Nominating Chair will take a voice vote or declare each nominee elected by general consent or acclamation at the 2022 Annual Meeting to be held on or about Thursday April 21, 2022.
If the number of nominees exceeds the number of vacant positions, the Secretary of the Board will place all nominees before the membership by posting notices on the credit union website, in newsletters and at the credit union.

You can send your comments or concerns to our Board of Directors via mail: Please send them to:
Brazos Star Credit Union
Attn: Board of Directors
701 Harvey Road
College Station, TX 77840