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VISA Credit Cards

Applying is Easy!

Applying for a Brazos Star VISA Credit Card is an easy process – simply complete our secure online application or contact us for a paper copy. Along with the completed application, proof of income is necessary for all new lines of credit. Once we receive all required documentation, we will be in contact.

Brazos Star VISA® Credit Cards

Brazos Star proudly offers our members a benefit-rich Credit Card program with the ultimate in convenience:  Introducing our Visa® Platinum: Provides a generous line of credit and exceptional benefits for our valued members.  Benefits include competitive rates, credit lines that meet your needs, and excellent Fraud Protection, 24/7 customer service, and now, our new Rewards! Benefits.  All credit card lines of credit are backed by VISA®’s Zero Liability Guarantee.

Credit card benefits that fit your lifestyle
Whether you want to pay off other high-interest credit cards, need flexibility for purchases, or are just looking for a valuable credit card, an Brazos Star Credit Union VISA® will keep interest payments low and make purchases easy and rewarding!

Earn unlimited Rewards! Points with 1 point for every dollar spent!
By earning Rewards! Points, you can redeem for cash back, merchandise or gift cards, while still enjoying a rate as low as 6.49% APR**

Already have a credit card? We can help you …
Apply for a credit card limit increase
Redeem reward points
Transfer a balance

Annual Percentage Rate Varies from 6.49% APR to 11.90% APR%
Minimum Credit Line $300.00
Annual Fee None
Minimum Finance Charge None
Transaction Fee for Purchases None
Transaction Fee for Cash Advances None
Returned Check Fee $32.00
Late Payment Fee $30.00
Grace Period for Purchases* 25 Days
Balance Calculation Method Average Daily Balance (ADB)

Visa Credit Card Disclosure | Credit Card Agreement and Disclosure

*  No grace period for cash advances
** All credit card applications subject to credit examination and approval. Not all applicants may be approved for a credit card line of credit. 

For information on all the VISA® card benefits, please visit or call 1-800-599-7889 to request a copy by mail.

For Traditional VISA Cardholder benefit information, please follow the link:

Brazos Star Credit Union offers convenience,
generous credit lines and Rewards!

It pays to switch and save to a Brazos Star Credit Card

  • Fraud Protection
  • Low Rates
  • Rewards Points

You will be able to log in for easy access to all your line of credit information and to make purchases and cash advances. 

Additional Contact Information – please retain for your records

Payment Address:
PO Box 4521
Carol Stream, IL 60197-4521

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-599-7889
Lost / Stolen Card Phone Number: 1-800-599-7889
Fraud Phone: 1-855-961-1602 (call this number only when prompted from Fraud Alert)
For Emergency Assistance: 1-800-847-2911
Website Support Phone Number: 1-866-604-0380 (Call this number only when locked out of the website)

score card

Get Rewarded with Score Card Rewards

It’s time to get rewarded with our new Score Card Rewards program.  Sign-up today and get rewarded each time you make a purchase.  If you have already enrolled in our rewards points program, you can now view balances, make rewards purchases, redeem points for gift cards and more!

Go to to sign up and check your rewards!

Now you can enjoy a real-time, instant fuel price rollback at the pump and save $0.50 per gallon, up to 20 gallons, every time you fill up. Simply use your ScoreCard Rewards card at the beginning of your transaction at a participating gas station to see the fuel discount offer and redeem for savings!

Once You Arrive at a Participating Pump,
Follow These Simple Instructions:

  1. Swipe your ScoreCard VISA®  Credit card at the beginning of your transaction at the gas station pump.*
  2. Once the card is accepted, if you have a rewards balance sufficient to cover the redemption**, the pump  will display the message “2000pts=$0.50/g?”
  3. Press the “Yes” button on the dispenser keypad to redeem your rewards.
  4. Once the payment card is approved, the price per gallon will be reduced.  If cash and credit pricing is in place, the discount will be taken from the credit pricing.
  5. Select fuel grade and begin fueling. Your receipt will reflect how much you saved per gallon.

* To locate a gas station near you, select the fuel brand in navigation, visit the station finder, and enter your zip code. Fuel Discount Awards are only available at participating gas stations and may not be available at the location nearest you.

** Single use only, valid up to 20 gallons. Any unused rewards on each purchase are forfeited. May not be valid with other offers. Rewards are earned and redeemable at participating stations with operable electronic transaction networks. Terms and conditions apply, for full details view the Rules on

VISA Credit Card Fraud Alerts FAQ’s

Q. What are Credit Fraud Alerts?
A. Credit Fraud Alerts notify Brazos Star Credit Union VISA Credit Cardholders, in near real-time, of suspicious activity. Cardholders are able to respond whether the transaction in question is fraud or not.

Q. Can Cardholders opt-out of the service?
A. A Cardholder may opt-out of the service a few different ways via mobile phone (as required by TCPA regulations). Cardholders do not have the option to opt-out via landline phones.

  • For SMS text message alerts, Cardholders can reply “STOP” to short code 99350
  • For IVR voice alerts that are sent to their mobile phone, the Cardholder can opt-out by following the prompts.
  • For IVR voice alerts that are sent to a landline phone, the Cardholder will not have the ability to opt-out.

Q. Do Cardholders have to pay for a text message if they respond?
A. No. Both incoming SMS/text messages and responses are free to the end user (FTEU).

Q. Will the name of my Financial Institution be displayed on the SMS?
A. Yes, Brazos Star Credit Union’s name will be displayed on the SMS. Since there is a character limit on SMS, the name may be abbreviated.

Q. Will the name of my Financial Institution be spoken to the cardholder in an IVR (an automated voice call system) message?
A. Yes, Brazos StarCredit Union’s name is spoken in any IVR messages.

Q. What is the short code a Cardholder will receive the message from?
A. The short code is 99350

Q. Is a Cardholder’s mobile number required for Credit Fraud Alerts?
A. A mobile number is not required, but strongly recommended. If only a Home or Work number is on file, an IVR call will be made to the Cardholder.

Q. Will a Cardholder receive an SMS message if s/he is traveling internationally?
A. The Cardholder will not receive messages if they are outside of the United States; SMS short codes are only compatible for US carriers.

Q. If a Cardholder lives in a foreign country; will s/he receive an SMS message alerting of potential fraud?
A. The Cardholder will not receive messages since they are in a different country.

Q. If a cardholder does not respond to the text, will they get a call from the IVR?
A. Yes, they do not respond within 15 minutes they will receive a call. The cardholder must have a number in the “Home Number” field to receive an IVR call.

Q. What does the outgoing text alert that is sent to my cardholder contain?
A: Here is a sample of the text alert messaging that will be used (text in red varies): Incoming Message (Text in red varies): Confirming valid transaction (Text in red varies): Confirming potentially fraudulent transaction (Text in red varies):

visa fraud texts

Have questions?

If you have an issue, concern, or a question concerning your Brazos Star VISA Credit Card, the following resources are available for your use:

24/7 Customer Service: 800-599-7889

Emergency Assistance: 800.VISA.911 (800.847.2911)

International Assistance:call collect + 1.410.581.9994 (this website allows you to securely view recent transaction history, current and past statements, and payment history).