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VISA Debit Cards

Important VISA® Debit Card Usage Tips

  • Effective May 31, 2022, the maximum purchase limit is $2000.00 per day. Limits are set for your account safety. If you plan to make a purchase that exceeds the daily amount you can contact the credit union to get your Visa® daily limit increased for a 24-hour period.
  • The maximum amount you can withdraw from an ATM machine is $500.00 per day with debit card cash transactions using a PIN. Funds must be available in your account to be able to withdraw up to the maximum daily limit. Please note: pending transactions that have not been posted to your account will reduce the amount available.
  • It is a good idea to keep accurate records for your debit card transactions and to monitor your account activity. You can download our Brazos Star Credit Union Mobile App that allows you to obtain immediate information on your account. You can view recent postings to your account throughout the day and make transfers from your savings account to your checking account.
  • The Personal Identification Number is created when calling to activate your New Visa® Debit Card. Please be sure to keep your PIN number safe. The credit union does not keep a record of your actual PIN. If you ever forget your PIN, you can always call the activation number at 866-985-2273 to reset your personal identification number.
  • Please use your VISA® DEBIT card responsibly. Do not authorize or allow others to use your debit card. By giving others your card to use, you are authorizing access to your account(s).

A valuable tool for managing your Brazos Star Checking Account, our VISA Debit Card is:
Our Brazos Star VISA® debit card is the perfect everyday card! It may be the only card you’ll ever need. It’s easy to use and accepted everywhere VISA® is. As a debit card, it’s linked to your Brazos Star checking, which means each time you use the card, the money is automatically deducted from your account. For your convenience you can run the transaction as either debit or credit.

If you have a Brazos Star Checking Account and want to add the convenience of a VISA® Debit Card you can always log in to your online banking and fill out the debit card application that can be found under the Forms [tab], it is a secured online banking service module. If you have any questions about our Visa® Debit Cards, you can always contact the credit union at 979-846-7456 by phone or text.

Secure: you’re automatically protected by VISA®’s Zero Liability Policy

Safe: no need to carry around large amounts of cash

Convenient: it’s accepted everywhere VISA® is

Free: no monthly fees or usage fees

Easy: each transaction appears on your Brazos Star Checking Account statement for easy tracking

Debit Card Contact Information

If you have an issue, concern, or a question concerning your Brazos Star VISA® Debit Card, the following resources are available for your use:

Card Activation Number: 866-985-2273
Lost or Stolen Card Center: 800-610-2696

If you receive a call from the fraud detection work center (FSWC) regarding possible fraud on your account, the call will originate from 888-918-7313. The fraud representative should provide this number if a voicemail is left to contact them back.

Information About Debit Card Fraud & Disputes

When charges and purchases appear on your account that you do not recognize, they may be fraudulent, or they may not be. You may need to file a dispute or a fraudulent claim. Brazos Star Credit Union’s policies and procedures for processing fraudulent and disputed transactions are governed by the Electronic Funds Transfer Act, or federal Regulation E. There is a process that needs to be followed to effectively report card fraud or a transaction dispute. 

If the transaction was never authorized or initiated by the cardholder, a fraud claim may be filed. If you feel that you need to file a claim, please click the link below.

VISA Debit Card Dispute Form

Debit Card Safety

Our focus is providing you with positive, professional, financial services experience. That also extends to protecting you and your accounts from fraudsters or scammers.

Before traveling, we recommend you:

  • Filling out the online travel notification form that can be found on our website under the resources [tab].
  • Carry more than one form of payment (debit cards, cash, Brazos Star VISA® credit card. You may also consider getting one of our Brazos Star VISA® Travel Cards.
  • Call our lost or stolen card services at 1-800-610-2696 immediately if your card is missing.
  • Make sure we have updated contact information as we will contact you in case our system flags one of your transactions as potential fraud.

Please note: when our fraud department calls you, they will only verify your transactions. They already have your information and would not need to ask you for your card number, PIN or other personal information.


We are grateful that you trust us with your personal banking needs, and please be assured that we appreciate your understanding and realize the frustration that this may cause. Unfortunately, these practices have become necessary to prevent and limit the fraud that is occurring largely due to widespread data breaches and scams.

Should you have any questions, please contact our member service representative at 979-846-7456.