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Medallion Signature Guarantee Stamp

Members may often be required to have a Signature Guarantee on documents for securities, stocks, bonds and other valuable account ownership verification.  Brazos Star Credit Union offers the Medallion Signature Guarantee Stamp for members only.  Please contact the credit union if you need to have documents and your signature verified with a Medallion Stamp. 

Brazos Star Credit Union is providing this checklist to assist members with the preparation of documents requiring a Medallion Signature Guarantee.
A Medallion Signature Guarantee can only be done by certain officers of Brazos Star Credit Union located at:
701 Harvey Road, College Station, Texas 77840.

Our direct line is 979-846-7456. To assure that a Medallion officer will be available to help you with your request, please call and schedule an
appointment before your visit. You must be a credit union member in good standing at least 90 days with Brazos Star Credit Union before this service will be extended. Brazos Star Credit Union does not guarantee signatures with the Medallion Stamp or Notary Stamp for non-members.

Before a Signature guarantee can be provided, the following must be presented to the credit union officer.

  • The Credit Union Officer will verify that you are a member in good standing. Please present your account number and identification. Two forms of identification (Driver’s license, passport, state ID card and a major credit card, or other verifiable ID) are required to verify identity and that the appropriate person is signing.
  • The Credit Union Officer must verify that the signature is genuine, so please do not sign the document(s) before you arrive.
  • The most recent statement for the securities to verify balance amounts and account numbers related to the trade or instruction letter. Our Medallion Stamp covers up to $250,000.00 in value, therefore we are unable to guarantee any transfers for a stock valued higher than that.
  • Physical Stock Certificate
  • If stock is involved in the transaction we will need stock prices as of the day we are stamping your documents. You can get this information from numerous web sites or your broker can fax us the value.
  • Suggested sites are,, AOL.COM,, and
  • If you are signing in a capacity other than for yourself such as Executor, Guardian, Administrator, or Trustee, we will need the supporting document to verify your authorization.. Please make arrangements to bring the originals and to fax them to us ahead of the appointment, as we will need to read them and
  • possible seek legal advisement depending on the complexity of the documents. Legal supporting documents may include:
    •  Death certificates
    •  Letters Testamentary
    •  Trust Documents
    •  Wills
    •  Affidavit of Domicile

The Medallion Signature Stamp will only be used on transactions that involve the sale, transfer redemption or liquidation of securities. We want to provide you with this service and want to ensure your financial safety and that of our credit union.

Notary Public Service

Brazos Star Credit Union provides a free notary public service to members.  Please contact the credit union to ensure that our notaries are available when you need a notary signature on your important documents.

Brazos Star Credit Union adheres to the highest standards of competence and responsibility in the providing of notary public services.

Notaries Public at Brazos Star Credit Union shall never notarize any signature without the maker of the signature first appearing personally before the notary.

Notaries Public at Brazos StarCredit Union shall exercise reasonable care to properly verify the identity of the maker of every signature they notarize by means of personal knowledge or by valid satisfactory evidence.

Notaries Public at Brazos Star Credit Union shall exercise diligence and utmost care in the performance of all notarial acts.

Both the Medallion Signature Guarantee and the Notary Public Stamp Service are:

  • Free
  • Fast: pre-schedule a time with our staff to meet your needs.
  • Convenient:  this is an exclusive Member Service
  • Easy: Please bring your state or government issued photo identification such as your driver’s license or passport when having your documents notarized or verified with a Medallion Signature Guarantee.
  • Individuals must be present for signing so that the Notary can witness the signatures.