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Safe Deposit Boxes

A safe deposit box is a miniature safe-like box inside the credit union. These boxes are vaulted and sealed for the ultimate safety and protection of your items.

If you have been considering renting a safe deposit box to securely protect your personal documents and small possessions or keepsakes that would be impossible to replace. Ideas for safekeeping include items such as: birth certificates, deeds, immunization records, passports, savings bonds, and stocks. Safe Deposit Boxes provide a means for members to secure their valuables and feel good about their safety. Boxes are available in various sizes and for just pennies a day. The rent of these boxes is taken out annually in February of each year.


  • Each box has two keys
  • Different sizes of boxes to meet your needs
  • Fire and water resistant
  • Must be a primary member of the Credit Union to rent a box
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Access to box only during lobby hours

What Not to Keep in Your Safe Deposit Box:

  • Anything you might need in an emergency
  • Cash
  • Please, no human remains

2022 Annual Safe Deposit Box Rental Fees

Box Size, each box is 24 inches long Annual Rental Fees
5 X 5 box$ 35.00 annually
3 X 10 box$ 50.00 annually
5 X 10 box$ 60.00 annually
10 X 10 box$ 100.00 annually
9.5 X 15.5 box$ 125.00 annually