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Holiday & Vacation Accounts

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Our Holiday Club Account is designed to help you save for the holiday season.  

The Holiday Club can be opened with no minimum deposit and can receive automatic transfers, payroll deductions, or direct deposits. Your savings are accumulated throughout the year, and returned to you, plus dividends, on October 1st – just in time for the holidays. The Holiday Club earns the same great interest rate as our Savings Accounts, with dividends compounded daily and deposited quarterly.  The penalty for early withdrawal is accrued interest.


Our Vacation Club Accounts are the perfect way to save for your dream vacation!

The Vacation Clubs can be opened with no minimum deposit or fees, earn the same great rate as our Share Accounts, and can be closed at any time with no early withdrawal penalty. Set up an automatic transfer, payroll deductions, or direct deposit for the account and watch your vacation savings pile up!

To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, Federal Law requires All financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person that opens an account. 

What this means for you: When you open an account, we will ask you for your name, address date of birth, and other Information that will allow us to identify you.  We may also ask to see your state or federal government issued driver’s license or other identifying documents.  We will also require your social security number and proof of address if not updated on the photo identification.